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Ultimate comfort heating in your bathroom.

Zehnder Zenia:

Ultimate comfort heating for your customers

When it comes to achieving a comfortable indoor climate, the bathroom is the most complex room in the house.

Modern, energy-efficient low temperature heating systems, such as underfloor heating, are increasingly becoming the solutions of choice for supplying a pleasant level of basic heat – and keeping our feet warm. However, they are not suitable for drying and warming towels, or for providing that quick boost of extra warmth that’s needed early in the morning or after a shower.

Introducing Zehnder Zenia – a completely innovative and revolutionary thermal comfort unit. Zehnder Zenia is an electric towel warmer, towel dryer, infrared radiator and boost heater in one – in the form of an integrated unit that perfectly blends into modern bathroom architecture due to its minimalist design.

Discover the potential of Zenia and offer your customers the ultimate comfort heating in their bathroom!

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Benefits for your customers

  • Aesthetically appealing solution for storing, drying and warming two large shower/bath towels
  • Heat is available quickly due to the integrated infrared radiator with connectible boost heater
  • Ideal supplement to low temperature heating systems
  • Perfect integration into modern bathroom architecture
  • Convenient operation, also possible via app
Zehnder Zenia

Ultimate flexibility:

Planning and installation

What’s more, Zehnder Zenia knows no limits when it comes to planning. Since it is protected against spray water in accordance with DIN VDE 0100 Part 701, it can be installed directly next to the shower or bathtub (IP44 degree of protection).

Its low installation depth, measuring just 150 mm, ensures hassle-free integration into in-wall, dry-wall and solid wall situations. An outer case for on-wall installation is available in addition to an in-wall installation option. A 230 V mains power supply provided by an electrician is all you need.

Installation with stud frame
Installation with stud frame
Installation in solid constructions
Installation in solid constructions
Installation in solid walls
Installation in solid constructions
Installation on the surface
On-wall installation – integrated into furniture or with outer case
Zehnder Zenia benefits

Benefits for you

  • Highly flexible – just 30 mm wall clearance for in-wall installations
  • More reliable – installation is carried out in two phases
  • More freedom during planning – due to protection against spray water (IP44 degree of protection)
  • Electrical connection made simple – with three-pole WINSTA MIDI plug connection

Ultimate simplicity:

Reliable two-phase installation

Even installing Zehnder Zenia is as simple as can be. As the process is carried out in two phases, the risk of causing damage at the site is kept to a minimum. The unit itself is not actually installed until all the dry-wall, rendering, tiling and painting work is complete.

  • Structural phase
    • The structural phase happens first: this is when the rectangular frame is installed and the mains power supply is connected.
  • Interior design
    • Once all the tiling and painting work is complete, the rectangular frame can be readjusted – ensuring a completely flush wall edge.
    • The inner case is then inserted into the rectangular frame and connected to the control unit using a WINSTA MIDI plug connection.
    • Finally, the infrared heated glass door is installed.

Technical specifications

Front view, rectangular frame

Front view
rectangular frame

Front view, infrared heated glass door

Front view
Infrared heated glass door

Side, inner case

Inner case

  • Conforms to Ecodesign Directive (EU) 2015/1188
  • CE-compliant
  • IP44 (protected against spray water)
  • Electrical protection class I and II (EN 61140)
  • Safety of electrical devices tested for domestic use (EN 60335)
  • Hinges certified (EN 15570)
  • Infrared heated glass door tested (VDI 6036/class 2)
  • Infrared heated glass door made from safety glass – double-hardened (class B1 in accordance with EN 12600)
  • Outstanding design flexibility – installation next to shower or bathtub (DIN 57100/VDE 100 Part 701)

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Ready to find out more?

As a completely innovative and revolutionary thermal comfort unit for the bathroom, Zehnder Zenia marks an exclusive new class of units – one which garnered an enthusiastic response even during its very first outings at trade fairs.

We want to help you bring the benefits of Zehnder Zenia to your customers in the best possible way. That’s why we give you support in the form of high-quality sales materials such as brochures, showroom displays and our Zehnder Zenia website for end users: www.zehnder-zenia.com

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